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Charleston in 1801
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Charleston, South Carolina
Firsts for the Year
By: Ill. Brother McDonald "Don" Burbidge, 33

Listed below are some facts concerning Charleston for the year of 1801:

bulletIn the year of 1801 Charleston was known as "The Antebellum City" because of the rapid expansion of rice and cotton growing along with the fabulous prices that these Commodities brought to the planter.
bulletThe University of South Carolina was founded in Columbia (December 19).
(I included this even thou it does not have anything to do with Charleston. however, USC is well known to everyone.)
bulletMarch 17, The Hibernian Society was organized.
bulletJune 01, 1801- the temperature for the day was as follows:

This is the information on what the day was like after the Supreme Council was established in Charleston.

Thermometer Reading Barometer Hydro Dump Prevailing Winds
8am 3pm 10pm   8am 3pm 10pm
77deg 83deg 79deg 68 30 E. Cloudy Clear


bulletDecember 19, Two state banks were chartered, The Bank of South Carolina and the State Bank.
bulletDecember 19, The state appropriated $50,000 to pay Phineas Miller and Eli Whitney For the right of S.C. planters to use their machine called "a saw gin, for cleaning the staple of cotton from the seed." After some difficulties the inventor collected.


The History of a Southern City
By: Walter J. Fraser, Jr.

A South Carolina Chronology 1497-1970
By: George C. Rogers, Jr.

The Gazzette Newspaper
Dated: July , 1801

People and Professions of Charleston, South Carolina, 1782-1802
By: James W. Hagy

Chronology and Documentary
Handbook of the State of
South Carolina
By: Robert I. Vexler (State Editor)
William F. Swindler (Series Editor)
Dated: 1978

bulletThe professions most often listed are as follows:

Merchants, grocer, carpenter, shop keeper, planter, mariner, tailors, physician, attorney, and boarding house.

Following is a partial list of the number of persons for each professional status:

Profession Total Number
Account 1
Apothecary 3
Auctioneer 6
Baptist 1
Barber 7
Blacksmith 13
Block Maker 9
Boarding House 32
Boarding School 1
Book Shop 1
Book Keeper 3
Book Seller 2
Boot Maker 1
Brass Founder 1
Brewer 1
Brick Layer 19
Brick Maker 1
British Consul 1
Broker 6
Butcher 32
Cabinet Maker 24
Cake Shop 1
Captain 2
Dancing Master 3
Dentist 3
Distiller 4
Druggist 6 (Dalcho was
one of them)
Governor 1
Hotel 1
Justice of the Peace 3
Livery Stables 2
Mariner 55
Merchants 274
Physicians 40 (Auld and Dalcho were physicians)
Planters 57
Printers 9
Schools 2
School Master 6
School Mistress 12
Sheriff 1
Shoe Maker 16
Spanish Consul 1
Stamping Officer 1
Widow 109

Women constituted 309 of the total entries or 16%. Of those only 103 have professions listed, the greatest number being shop owners (21%), boarding houses (16%), and teaching (13%).

As an interesting note the following appears:

A lot has been written about these two working together but the location at which they worked together had never been mention until now.

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